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Achieve the Lines of Your Dreams

Join OBA co-founder and ballet master Miss. Maya, as she explains the exact mindset and methods that she personally adopted during her training, that enabled her to transform her entire body and achieve the lines of her dreams, against all odds.

The thing is, Ballet is designed to sculpt your body in a way where beautiful lines are inevitable.

Of course, each body is entirely unique and therefore the extent of which you will be able to achieve the most extraordinary lines will vary. However, when everything in your Ballet technique is executed correctly and accordingly to its true mechanics…

The outcome of that will always be – aesthetically pleasing lines.

‼️Here’s an easy way to check whether or not you’re fully maximising you’re potential when it comes to your lines in your body👇🏼

Whenever you are in ANY ballet stretch or position, are you actively thinking about:
1️⃣ Pulling up
2️⃣ Elongation/Lengthening

This is single handedly the easiest way to see whether or not you are currently holding yourself back from achieving your most beautiful lines.

When the focus is always on lengthening every fibre of your being in every direction, naturally, each position and movement will begin to feel lighter and therefore the muscles in your body start to take shape accordingly as they become less strained and more lengthened.

Watch the full IGTV to hear more in depth explanations about how you can fully transform your lines using this method and other techniques 🥰