How To Dance With More Ease + Weight Placement Tips

Join our co-founders @natalia__kremen and @chirishgambino as they discuss and demonstrate their top tips and exercises that help with improving weight placement 💪🏼 and overall 🙏🏼 alignment.

When the dancers body is in correct alignment, everything else they do from that place of alignment will not only feel more effortless but it will genuinely look a lot more effortless as well.

The key 🔐 is always to bring it back to basics, and to become aware of the habits your body has accumulated over the years of practicing incorrect techniques. Focusing on something as simple as where your arm is placed at the barre, and changing that consciously and consistently, can change and transform your ENTIRE technique for the better.

Let us know in the comments below what you found interesting and what you learned that was NEW and fascinating from this live 😍