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The idea behind Online Ballet Academy was originally born back in October 2019! Discover how our founders and ballet masters were inspired to create the Online Ballet Academy.

Meet the founders
Maya McKeever founder Online Ballet Academy
Maya McKeever

Maya was born and raised in Hong Kong. She began her professional ballet training aged 16 after being accepted into the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.

Maya started her training much later in life than most, so her journey towards becoming a professional was a true game of catchup. She was determined to train her body like an Olympian and achieve even the most seemingly unattainable results within the shortest period of time possible.

After 2 years of condensed, high intensity training, both at the Bolshoi Academy and later as a private student of Natalia Kremen, Maya completely reshaped her body and is now entirely unrecognisable as a dancer.

At the age of 20 working as a professional freelancer with extensive stage experience having danced principal lead roles all over the world, an official teacher at the Natalia Kremen Ballet School, as well as a highly sought after private coach, Maya founded Online Ballet Academy to share her story and first hand experience of how she was able to train her body to achieve the impossible. She hopes to inspire dancers everywhere by providing them with the exact tools they need in order to achieve the same results.

Natalia Kremen founder Online Ballet Academy
Natalia Kremen

Founder of the prestigious Natalia Kremen Ballet School, world renowned ballet master, former professional ballerina with English National Ballet and Stanislavsky Ballet in Moscow, International Speaker, CEO and founder of UK Charity NK Ballet Foundation, and now founder of Online Ballet Academy. Natalia has become a highly regarded name in the ballet industry.

Young hopeful dancers dream of attending her academy located in the heart of Kensington in London, while professionals line up to collaborate on with her on creative projects. It is Natalia's entrepreneurial spirit, passion for teaching and forward thinking nature which has brought her tremendous success in her countless endeavours.

She foresaw the power of social media and the importance of an online presence long before any other ballet school in the world. The concept of marrying high quality, traditional ballet training with a modern approach to virtual learning was one that Natalia has been planning for over a year.

By revolutionising the way dancers are able to readily access the most elite ballet training, regardless of geographical location, financial background, or current state of technique, what may have once been a far fetched dream for many, will finally be within reach.

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