When will the Dream Feet, Turnout Transformation and Elevated Extensions Programmes be available for enrolment?

All of our technique programmes are available for enrolment until March 14th, 2021, and will be available again in the summer of 2021 after we entirely revamp and relaunch them onto our site. Exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

Who can participate in these programmes?

The participant MUST be over the age of 8 and attending at LEAST two hours of ballet training a week. Otherwise, our programmes are available to ANYONE - students, professionals, adult dancers, amateurs and trainees.

How long do I have access to these programmes?

All of our programmes are designed to be completed within a 14 day ( 2 week ) period, with new daily content being unlocked throughout the duration of this time frame. HOWEVER, you will have 35 days access to the entire course from the date of enrollment. This means that if you are unable to fully commit to these dates, you can go back later and revisit the content and lessons at your own pace.

What equipment do I need?

At the very least you will need a medium strength theraband. However, our courses will work best for those who also have a pilates ball + flexibility band + loop band + yoga block. Many of the demonstrated exercises that can be completed WITHOUT equipment as well.

How does the programme work?

By enrolling in our programmes, you will automatically create an official account to your Online Ballet Academy platform, which is where you will be able to access your programme and all of its content. Please remember your login details upon registering and login to your platform to begin your programme.

What is "Pay in 3"?

This is a special payment plan we have on offer for those who wish to break down their payments into 3 parts. Therefore instead of paying £129.99 upfront, you would be able to pay only £43.33 over the course of 3 months. This is applicable only to the full programme fee and not any discounted offers.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this programme?

Your daily lessons and tasks are there for you to complete in your own time throughout your day - work it around your own schedule! The total lessons per day will vary but can take up to 30 minutes.

Can I extend my access to my programme?

Under unique circumstances, we will be able to allow certain students extensions on their programmes. Please email us and explain your situation clearly if you wish to extend your access to your programme at