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Elevated Extensions


Higher leg extensions in all directions, in only 14 days.

For the strong dancer who wants more flexibility, or the flexible dancer who wants more strength. This programme is designed to simultaneously stretch and strengthen the body as a method to achieving real results in the height of your extensions and your ability to hold them, all in perfect placement.


**This programme is designed for intermediate/advanced students, who currently train a minimum of 5 hours per week**

Elevated Extensions

is designed to...

Increase the height of extensions in ALL directions while maintaining correct placement in the hips

Improve the dancer's ability to developpé and hold their legs at a higher degree in ALL directions (front, à la seconde, arabesque)

Simultaneously improve flexibility and control through complementary strengthening and stretching exercises

Ingrain new muscle memory in the body to override any negative habits, and to develop correct muscle tone in the legs

Establishes long term healthy habits in the body which also act as injury prevention.

What's included?

0 +
Video Tutorials

A combination of over 100 step by step video tutorials, all targeted at improving the height of the dancer’s extensions in all directions, through a perfect combination of stretches and strengthening exercises – created by our Ballet Masters, and demonstrated on highly skilled ballet students for you to follow along to.

days of training
All 100+ videos and tasks have been organised into the ultimate 2 week programme: increasing in intensity and variety ( and fun 😛 ) as you move through the course, in order to maximise your results in the most sustainable and effective manner possible.
days access included

Access to the entire programme and ALL of its content for a full 3 months (from the date of enrolment), so that you can revisit certain exercises at your own pace, or even do the programme the whole way through one more time as a way to maximise your results (and extensions).

£ 0
worth of training!
No expensive studio hire, private lesson rates, unaffordable cross trainers, extra physio, travel costs, accommodation fees, audition fees, full time school fees… We’re just here to give you pure, high quality, focused ballet training that’s designed to produce real results. That’s it.

+ bonus content

to further enhance your progress and results, we have created and included some bonus material specifically targeted at training and improving your mindset in order to fully maximise your body’s full potential to transform beyond limitations.

Before & Afters

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