Undo Bad Habits + Build New Muscle Memory!

Join OBA co-founder, ballet master, @nk_balletschool teacher, professional dancer 🩰, mindset and business 🧠 mentor, Miss. Maya, @chirishgambino👩🏻‍🏫 as she deep dives into the highly requested subject about…

HOW TO UNDO “BAD” HABITS, AND HOW TO ESTABLISH NEW MUSCLE MEMORY + The 4 stages of performance competence / The 4 stages to achieving MASTERY 😎 in your ballet technique.

Having trained her muscles incorrectly growing up, at the age of 17, Maya had to learn how to UNLEARN everything that she knew about ballet, and more importantly, she had to UNLEARN EVERYTHING that was already ingrained into her body, and start from scratch in order to entirely re establish the foundation of her ballet technique.

Through an intensive period of extremely intentional, smart and hard work, while working 1-1 with her coach at the time, and now OBA co-founder @natalia__kremen 😍, Natalia and Maya were able to completely RETRAIN and transform Maya’s body through their training together.