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How To Achieve Flat Middle Splits For Flat Turnout

Join Miss. Maya, OBA Ballet Master and NKBS stretching and conditioning teacher @nk_balletschool 👩🏻‍🏫 as she shares her top tips and tricks to being able to achieve FLAT middle splits 🤩 with just a few key exercises 🤸🏼‍♀️


1️⃣ Be intentional. WHY do you want to achieve flat side splits? For better turnout? Or just to be more flexible overall?

When the intention is in alignment with the physical goal… (for example the intention is to have better turnout so that you can improve your technique with more ease, then the physical goal is to achieve the middle splits through improving turnout and vice versa) 👉🏻 then the purpose behind every exercise becomes a lot more clear, which allows dancers to actually execute specific movements more consciously which naturally leads to faster results.

2️⃣ Don’t think about stretching, think about ELONGATING and EXPANDING instead.

When the emphasis is put on “stretching” the body and hips, this can often lead us to push our bodies in unnatural and ineffective ways in order to achieve more perceived flexibility.

Whereas when the emphasis is put on elongation and the feeling of expansion through the entire body, then increased flexibility comes as a RESULT of this sensation and way of moving.

3️⃣ Be methodical. Remember that your middle splits will reveal where you are holding most tension in your hips, glutes, inner thighs, lower back, lats and obliques. In order to achieve flat middle splits, it is very important to nurture and focus on releasing tension in and warming up all of these areas first in order to see any results in the final position (the middle splits itself).

We hope this was helpful 🤩